Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seminary Party

We had our end of the year seminary party on Friday and it consisted of volleyball, stick pull, watching Legacy and it ended in a cupcake fight that I started. :)
Me after the cupcake fight. I didn't get hit to badly

Lexie and Taylor during the movie

Quinn, Lexie, Alayna, and Brittany playing a game of some sort

Courtney and I playing stick pull Daniel in the background. I won!

Tyler and Cheree, Cheree won!

Kaden and Hunter. It took 5 girls altogether to pull Hunter over

Kelle and Taylor

Kelle and Courtney, two swimmers.

Sam and Courtney, Courtney won!

Its been awhile!

It has been awhile since I last posted. Well most of these pictures are from Memorial Day weekend. I went up to Beaver, Utah with my friend Courtney Noorda and her family plus 2 more friends. I had an absolute blast! When we got there I discovered that my dentist owned the cabin down the road. He helped us bring our stuff up to our cabin. Then the next day he ate breakfast and dinner with us. It was really weird! Anyway my dentist actually took us on a ride in his commander and it was a lot of fun! Then we also went sledding and there was a lot of falling involved. I rolled through the mud a couple times bailing off the sled. Later in the day Courtney's parents went on a ride in the commander so we came up with a plan to stage our own kidnapping. We messed up the cabin, wrote a ransom note and left the cabin leaving the door open behind us. They didnt believe us at all but it was still fun. Oh and we almost died that day. We were driving around in the expedition and we got stuck, while we were trying to get out we almost backed off the edge of a cliff. I was a little scared but Courtney was freaking out and it was kind of funny! On Sunday we went on another ride in the commander and we fit SEVEN people in it, it's only a two passenger vehicle with a very tiny trunk. When Courtney's parents and took the two little boys on a ride in the commander, leaving us alone, we played games and fun stuff like that! When her parents came back the six girls all hid in a one-person shower but they found us! The six girls also all fit on one bed and on one couch! Monday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow covering anything and the girls tried to convince the parents that we were gonna be snowed in but most of it melted before we even left. We went sledding that morning after breakfast and it was hilarious! We "surfed" in the snow and we all fell when we tried. On the way back home we stopped in St. George and ate at a place called Five Guys and it was pretty good. They handed out free peanuts and we had a peanut fight! It was awesome! The whole weekend was amazing. This past week I won two awards! In seminary I won the "Beast award" for being strong, fearless, tough, and all around beastly. Thats what it said on the certificate it also said, "She can win any competition or game, especially if it's softball. She also has the ability of fitting six people anywhere." I told my seminary class about my trip to Beaver. At the sotball banquet I won the "Spirt of theMustang" award in recognition of my outstanding leadership, spirit, and attitude in women's softball. I am getting a plaque for it tomorrow. Well I have to go. I have to study for my finals. Last week of school though and family reunion this weekend!

Cassidy and Caitlyn

Marien and Chelsey

Chelsey and I

The blanket of snow

My name in the snow

Me "surfing"

Top: Caitlyn and Cassidy

Middle: Chelsey and Marien

Bottom: Kylea and Courtney

We took tons of pictures to get this right

Courtney and I in the commander

The six girls, my dentist, and Cory at dinner

Me shooting a 22 caliber rifle

Courtney and I in the back of the commander

Me and Courtney in the famous Beaver rocking chair!

Me on Ranch dressing day at school! I braided my hair and wore my brothers button up shirt.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

JV Softball!

So I really need to learn how to put my writing above this pic but it is not working out. Anyways in the picture above (top to bottom) Taylor, myself, Amanda, and Vanessa were messing around while waiting for the bus to take us to our away game that day. It didn't come until like 2:30. It was supposed to be there at 1:45. I love this picture! It's a Kodak moment for me. Since the last time I posted a lot has happend. I made the Junior Varsity Softball team at my high school and I am the starting catcher! My team is currently 5-1, which is 5 wins and 1 loss. It was a tough loss but it gave us some humility.Next week we play two more games and our season will then be halfway over. After the 2 teams next weeek we play everyone again, the only thing that changes is the location. Meaning if it was a home game the first time it will now be an away game and vice versa. We get to play my friend Kacey's team next week and I am ecstatic! I haven't seen Kacey in almost 5 months. She unfortunately cannot play due to some stuff I can't exactly explain. It's nothing bad I just don't know how to explain it. Kacey would of been their catcher so we would have been going head to head. I still get to see her because she is the manager of the team but I can't play against her. I'm really thankful for making it onto the team. I even got to play in a varsity game. It was a preseason game and they wrote an artical on it. They spelled my name wrong which is good because it kind of defamed me. It basically said that the other school won due to me losing control of the ball after a slap tag to the runner's face. I don't feel bad at all for breaking her nose. Haha! Just kidding! I didn't break her nose but I took her batting helmet off and I was close to breaking her nose. So life has been going really well! School is still rough and I can't wait for summer! I need to find a job for this summer so I can earn money for college and other stuff. I hope I can find one. I think I might work at the YMCA but who knows. Oh I am finally able to test for my permit. I haven't done it yet because I don't have anytime and I haven't studied that much. Well I have to go do some homework, EWWWWWWWWWW. Jackie took a pic of me while we were waiting for that stupid bus. Me, Dani, and Taylor were lab partners for Chemistry. Taylor and I on the bus to some where! Taylor, me, Erica, and Jackie in Chem class. Me in my amazing new shades that everyone likes to wear. Me in the Varsity jersey I wore for the varsity game I played in. Erica, Me, Taylor, Eliana, and Jackie at the Breat Cancer walk. Eli, Erica, and myself at the Breast Cancer walk. Raising money. Amanda and me, we had to walk 13 laps on the track as a team and it was super fun! Taylor, Madison, and I on the track. Me #14 on the Jv Mustang Softball team!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We got a dog!

I can't move this picture but this is from my cousin James's wedding. Abbey and I rode the elevator during the reception! The next day after my cousins wedding we went to Walmart to get some gloves to go to the snow and there was a pet adoption going on in front of Walmart. We got a Dog! My dad finally caved! Her name is Sadie and she is a black lab! Sadie is 18 months and is already fixed! She is super hyper and crazy but we love her! Max loves her but he doesn't show it. He likes to beat her up and tease her, we are trying to get him not to do that and it's gonna to take some time. Max also enjoys getting into her cage.

Caged like the animal he is!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Taylar!

Today is my best friend's birthday! I hope you like the card I sent and I hope that your special day is as wonderful as you are! Love you lots!
Kylea (your UN biologically related big sister!)

Tried taking a pic in the mirror then I figured out the writing was backwards.

This turned out a lot better! Now you can actually read it! Haha!


So on top of this writing is the BYU shirt my gma got me. I tried to write above it but it was not working. I had an amazing christmas! I didn't get anything big but I really enjoyed it! So far my favorite is all the softball stuff I got! I can't exactly choose between them. Oh and our arcade basketball set up! It is so much fun! Taylar (my best friend) got the exact sameone for christmas as well! Ironic! Anyways here are some pics from christmas eve and Christmas Day.

This is my softball bracelet!!!!

Logan and I playing Arcade Hoops while Max watched.

Extremely relieved that there was the Brad Paisley CD "American Saturday Night"

At first I thought I was just getting TP but there was a cd underneath. They tricked me!

On Christmas Eve we always get new Pj's! This year I got my favorite football team! Go COLTS!

This is all of the stuff that Santa brought me!